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Providing online tutoring to junior high and high school students across Alberta.

What I Offer

I offer tutoring in the following subjects:
Math 10/20/30/31 and AP Calculus AB
English 10/20/30 and AP English Literature and Composition
Science 10
Biology 20/30 and AP Biology
Chemistry 20/30 and AP Chemistry
Physics 20/30 and AP Physics 1/2
Social Studies 10/20/30
French 10/20/30 and AP French Language and Culture
Mathématiques 10/20/30
Biologie 20/30
Chimie 20/30
Junior high: Math, English, Science and Social Studies

Complimentary first session: we address goals, learning style, the iPad's range of abilities, and more.Rate includes homework help: $30/hour for junior high and $35-40/hour for senior high. Each hour of tutoring comes with FREE unlimited homework help in one subject per week. Just send me pictures of homework problems and I'll help you understand them outside of lesson time, free of charge.Referral program: I offer a 50% lesson discount per successful referral of my services to another student.Individualized tutoring: I use my iPad Pro in connection with Zoom to clearly explain concepts and work through problems with you - using colors, voice-over and answering any questions you have along the way. Plus, it's interactive, so we can both draw on the page as if it were in person.

The Roles Behind the Royce

My name is Christian and I am the founder of Royce Tutoring. I have been tutoring local high school students for the past 5 years in Okotoks, my hometown, and Edmonton, where I attend the University of Alberta.

This year, I decided to extend my tutoring across the province in an attempt to offer a service that I genuinely believe can improve the quality of student experience in a time full of uncertainty. I help students navigate 4 academic pillars that are crucial to success: understanding of course content, study skills, exam preparation, and of course, homework help. I commit to my students and work hard to help them do well. To see what my previous clients have said, check out my Reviews.

Although I continue to tutor regularly myself, after expanding our reach across the province, I brought on a team of students who specialize in various subjects to help me continue to deliver an extremely high quality of tuition.

Tutor: Mark
Subject(s): Math, English
My name is Mark Eadie, and I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta, majoring in business economics and law. Currently, I am working towards attending law school which I am planning to attend at the University of Alberta as well. In 2018, I graduated from Holy Trinity Academy in Okotoks, Alberta achieving honours with highest distinction with an overall average of 94%, putting me near the top of my graduating class. My favourite subjects in high school were math and physics, and at university I really enjoy studying economics. Outside of the classroom I have also worked multiple student internships which have helped me learn how to apply my learning to real world scenarios.
My interest in tutoring started when I began helping my little sister from time to time with her studies. She really appreciated having help from someone who has done well at the subjects she found difficult, especially someone who was taught in the same way. I found myself thinking that having a tutor at times would have been good even for myself during high school, and that tutors can bring a lot of value.
Growing up, I played lots of sports and I still play soccer recreationally with my friends during university. I also try to get out to ski as much as I can, which can be difficult with my university workload and Edmonton being farther from the mountains. I enjoy keeping up to date with politics and take a great interest in learning about humanitarian issues.

Tutor: Jordan
Subject(s): English, Social Studies, French
Hi, my name is Jordan Webster, I’ve lived in Calgary since I was born, and I’m currently a Grade 12 student at Holy Trinity Academy in Okotoks. My biggest passions are languages and music, and for the last five years of my academic experience, I’ve taken part in French immersion and band. What makes me love languages and music so much is that they’re all about sharing knowledge in unique and fun ways. The knowledge of a completely new language that my teachers shared with me and the diverse styles of music I’ve been exposed to through band have given me a deep appreciation for learning. This made me want to help others to get excited about learning too, and I started to help my friends with homework, in the hopes of sharing knowledge in a way that was unique and fun for them. After hearing that my friends liked the way I explained things, I eventually became a French, Social Studies and Science tutor and a Tenor Saxophone teacher. I continue to find great joy in helping students reach their full potential through sharing my love of learning with them.

Tutor: Shealie
Subject(s): Physics, Biology
Hello, I’m Shealie! I’m originally from south of Calgary but currently I’m studying at the University of British Columbia. I graduated high school in 2018 and received honours with highest distinction. I’m now in my third year of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization of Biomechanics and Biomaterials.
I was really excited when Christian asked me to join his tutoring team because I know that high school can be difficult at times. It definitely was not all smooth sailing for me. With the added stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, I wanted to do my part to help those who need it. I am a firm believer that with the right resources, everyone is capable of learning anything.

Tutor: Akshit
Subject(s): Chemistry
Hello! My name is Akshit and I’m a first year neuroscience student at the UofA! You will usually find me playing the piano, trying to finish a book, or biking in the trails. For the time being, however, I’m just one in many students transitioning from High School to an online University set-up. Outside of school, I like taking on research projects in my spare time. Initiative is something I value! I have tutored all of high school and was able to serve as my school's peer-tutoring president in my senior year. During my leadership, the tutoring program at my school was able to expand to elementary schools throughout the city. Tutoring is my favorite pastime as it allows one to improve their own articulateness and delivery, while helping another person out!

Tutor: Tianna
Subject(s): Biology
Hi! My name is Tianna Donnelly and I am 19 years old. I graduated high school in 2019 and am currently in my second year of nursing at the University of Alberta. I am interested in tutoring because I know how difficult school can be and if it weren’t for the people in my life who helped me to understand challenging concepts, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My best subject is Biology, but I am also open to tutoring a couple of different subjects. I am happy to help and look forward to working with you :)


I have been blessed to tutor so many wonderful kids throughout the past 5 years. Here are some of their reviews:
"Christian tutored me in grade 12 for physics and chemistry. He was very helpful explaining concepts, and put things in a way that was very easy to understand. His help made me feel very confident in my subjects and I was very successful. I would definitely recommend Christian even if you just need clarification from time to time." - Halle
"Christian has been working with our grade 12 son for only a couple of sessions but he has been excellent with him. He has given him hints to help him and helped him get some of his confidence back that he lost. It's also been great for him to have someone who is closer to his age as a tutor. Thank you Christian!" - Janice
"I have had Christian as my tutor for the past three years. He has helped me through grade 10 and 11 by providing me with different techniques and viewpoints on many different courses I have taken. I am currently in grade 12 and I am so thankful to have Christian to help me through my last year of highschool. I have known him as a tutor for three years and I can confidently say that he has exceeded all of my expectations while helping me with a variety of subjects. Christian goes above and beyond a simple explanation of the topic being focused on; he elaborates and explains it in a manner that his student will understand and continues to make sure the topic is understood by applying the new skill to different questions. He is very organized and has an efficient way of managing his time, consistently making sure his students are his first priority. While being tutored by Christian, I have gotten to know him as a person. He is a wonderful, calm presence to have around, my family is very fond of him and he has become a role model in my life. I have an immense amount of gratitude towards Christian as he has not only helped me be an honours student during my time in highschool, but he has been instrumental in shaping the person I am today." - Kav
"Christian is an amazing tutor and truly cares about his students. His teaching style is extremely effective and is super patient. Christian is really knowledgeable and can help with any class! We really recommend him." - Lisa and Alison
"Christian has helped my son gain more confidence in his math skills while making tutoring enjoyable. Christian is knowledgeable, friendly and polite. I would highly recommend Christian as a tutor." - Frances
"Our son had been struggling all year with Grade 10 math and Christian worked with him for two hours every week for just over a month reviewing some of the subjects he had found difficult to grasp in class and preparing him for the final exam. As a direct result, our son not only passed the exam but significantly increased his final grade. Christian imparted his knowledge in a way that our son could understand and, if he was unable to grasp certain concepts, would adapt his teaching style accordingly. Being male and close in age also helped our son not only relate to him but relax and not feel judged and, most importantly, actually learn! Christian is very polite and has a super nice way about him. If you are considering employing his tutoring services, you will not be disappointed." - Sarah
"Christian provided me with the tools necessary to fully understand chemistry. He is an amazing tutor and I highly recommend him." - Elliot
"Christian was very helpful for my daughter (grade 10) and worked with her on both math and science. He was able to explain concepts and equations in a way that helped her grasp them more thoroughly. In my interactions with him, he was always very polite and willing to work to accommodate my daughters busy schedule. I will definitely contact him again if either of my children need tutoring in the future." - Chantal
"Christian is a hands-on teacher. He helped me with preparing for the diplomas and writing for English and Social. He is great at explaining and connecting topics together and can further elaborate if you need more clarification. At every topic, he ensures that you fully understand what the teacher is looking for and what the guidelines are." - Astrid
"I started learning with Christian in March. I was having trouble in math so he helped me out. He would explain the concepts in my Grade 8 math homework, give me examples and walk me through the process. I rarely had troubles because his explanations were very clear. He was super patient and kind." - Zen
"Christian helped my son with high school (Grade 12) Math. He was very attentive , detailed punctual and knowledgeable. He found different ways to ensure my son understood new concepts and did a great job of giving examples needed for practice and application. This resulted in a higher pass grade which enabled him obtain a place in university for his desired course of study. I have no reservations in recommending Christian as a tutor and wish him well for the future." - Tolu
"Christian is a highly intelligent, kind and respectful tutor. When I took lessons with him he was always very patient and encouraged me to let him know if something was still unclear or needed further explaining, which never bothered him. He made me feel comfortable even though I wasn’t confident in myself.
Christian went beyond what was expected and presented more examples outside of the regular lessons, then followed up on my progress. This demonstrates his dedication to his clients, while ensuring that they are receiving as much help as possible.
Even if a specific subject was confusing, Christian would always be able to find another way to explain it, and would gladly take the time to break it down to its most basic forms. For example, some math concepts never made sense to me; however, Christian was capable of helping me grasp the material correctly by sharing a few memorization tricks and different perspectives.
I highly recommend Christian for any extra tutoring that you might require. He works hard to provide valuable learning and genuinely wants to see his clients succeed in the future. I’m very grateful for the guidance he provided which helped me achieve the grades needed to join the faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta." - Desiree

My Credentials

I graduated in 2018 at the top of my class with an overall average of 98%, having achieved 95% or higher in every single course that I took in high school. I took every core subject to the 30-1 level, and earned 19 Class Standings throughout my three years. I also scored a 5 in AP English Literature and Composition, and studied AP content from other disciplines in my free time. Upon graduation, I received over 15 scholarships from Canadian universities and my high school, including McGill University's Major Entrance Scholarship. I decided to pursue my education closer to home at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where I am in my third year of the BSc. Honors Neuroscience program.


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